Everyone’s a Coach

In the book Everyone’s a Coach that I wrote with Don Shula, we came up with an acronym that may really help you think about  how you’re doing as parents and managers and volunteers in the community. You can use this in just about any area of your life.

  • C stands for Conviction-Driven: Do people understand what your values are and where you’re going? Because leadership is about going somewhere. Lead with conviction.
  • O stands for Overlearning: There’s no such thing as teaching a good thing too much. You want to prepare your people so much that they really know their responsibilities and they can make something good happen. It’s important to keep telling your people and your kids and anyone else you may have influence over:  If you’re going to do something, do your best.
  • A stands for Audible-Ready: Don’t get stuck with a plan if for some reason it’s not working. Let people bring their brains to work; let your kids use their brains, too. Be open to the thoughts of others. Be ready to change your mind if a new and better idea comes along.
  • C stands for Consistency: This isn’t about behaving in the same way all the time; it’s about behaving the same way in similar circumstances. Be consistent. Praise progress and cheer people on when they’re doing well. If there’s a problem, you can redirect them and get them back to their goals. If it’s somebody who’s dragging their feet who knows better, give them a little one-minute reprimand that will get their attention. But always end it with a reaffirmation that you know they’re better than that.
  • H stands for Honesty-Based: This one is all about walking your values. Act with integrity at all times.

This is a wonderful little checklist for all of us in terms of: Are we leading with conviction? Are we really trying to always do our best? Are we adaptable and innovative and ready to change? Are we consistent in  our behavior and are we walking our talk?  Something to think about this week.

2 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Coach

  1. Ken:
    Another wonderful piece, and as usual. I am truely inspired by this COACH formula, coming from the Coach himslef. I am yet to get this book, which is yet to be found in our local book stores here in Kenya. But I must get it, as I have done for most of your Must Read Books.Please continue inspiring the world, for that is your gift.

    Tom Dienya
    National Food Security Programme
    Ministry of Agriculture
    Nairobi Kenya

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