HowWeLead.org was created to inspire positive change. It is a social network, where you will meet people who care deeply about responsible leadership. And it’s a place where I can stop doing all the talking, and hear your opinions.

It is a place for celebration. A place where you can find people who share a desire to do good in the world. And a place where you can tell us about leaders you want to celebrate.

What do you think about this blog?  I’d like to hear your opinions.

28 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it! I love the relevance to practical, real-life day-to-day issues we are talking about in our workplace and at home.
    Keep ’em coming!

  2. What a great idea! As you mentioned on the front page, we seem to be in a severe leadership vacuum. We are not seeing leadership anywhere in Washington. We are not seeing responsible leadership in our media. Leadership is contagious if you really lead. People will follow and try to emulate. I look forward to reading these blogs to challenge my mind and remind me regularly how much we crave great leadership.

  3. Very relevant! Provides applicable leadership information from various industries and life evetns that provide insight to how we can lead our companies better. I also like knowing what Ken is reading to expand my thinking on leadership.

  4. Well, you promised nonpartisan; but this is just another shill for the Messiah from Illinois.

    I disagree with every comment and analysis.


  5. I beleive this site will be a good resource to all, but am a little dismayed as to the prevalence of American politics, and nothing about Canada. Hopefully we will see articles and thoughts on basic leadership we can use in our companies.

  6. Dear Ken

    I think this is a great idea!

    I suspect you may be overwhelmed with interest.

    In light of the current U.S. crisis, real or manufactured, it is clear that we are indeed suffering from lack of effective national leadership. Hopefully, when we get by the financial issues, we will not simply breathe a sigh of relief, but drill down on why we are unable to muster sufficient leadership to field a unified, cohesive team of problem-solvers.

    Hopefully, a forum such as this would provide a launch pad for serious, focused effort to discern why national leadership seems to be atrophying rather than growing in effectivenss.

  7. This is a fabulous idea and one that should be promoted in the media as a must-visit site. Having worked with Ken, I would definitely wear a “Ken in 2008” button!

    This is a catalyst for change – let’s all work together to promote it.

  8. Highly misleading to call this site non-partisan. The questions you ask reveal your priorities and thereby your preferences. I prefer sites who are open and honest about their opinions.
    In spite of this criticism, I want to give you credit for your civil tone. Not so common in the debate.

  9. Ken
    Thank you for this website. You and many on your videos are inspiring mentors!

    I’m grateful to support grassroots leaders who deeply care about the “Presidential leadership” at this pivotal time!

    As stewards, I believe we all need to inspire, educate, and mobilize voters to do what is right for this nation’s future!

  10. Nice attempt at pushing the left veiwpoint through superficially independent appearing propaganda. Ken, your now on my spam list.

  11. Ken,

    Excellent site with great content on a subject in which you are an acknowledged expert. I find the content unique, thoughtful and valuable, and I’ll certainly pass on the link to clients and colleagues in my practice.



  12. Thanks Ken.

    I think you are the perfect host for the site. I hope all who participate, keep it simple. There is way too much confusion already in the words and demonstration of leadership in this country.

  13. It’s wonderful to get all the feedback, and the positive support for this site. As someone who works closely with Ken, I want to reassure that his intention is in fact non-partisan. For the couple of commenters who felt this site leans “left,” know that Ken has vocalized more support in past elections for the Republican than the Democratic! And he is not decided in this election.

    In the best interest of this community, I would be grateful to understand better why this content might be construed as “left” — this would help us do a better job of hosting a balanced conversation about leadership, which is the goal.

  14. I like it a lot. It is very timely and relevant. Lots of good advice, current information, and “nuggets” that I can use personally and share with others.

  15. Hello Ken,

    I really enjoy the practical application of this new web site. It has what I have been looking for in a leadership web site for a long time. Thanks for developing this useful tool for those who what to ‘brush up’ their leadership skills and gain a fresh approach to leadeship ideas from the experts in the field.

  16. Whoops – correction below – left out a word!

    This is a great resource for senior leaders who are searching out diverse opportunities to continue to learn and grow through sharing experiences, reading other perspectives and having conversation about ideas that matter.

  17. I received this link in an email and clicked on it, excited to think it was an opportunity to read and discuss Leadership in the coporate world. I am a bit disappointed to see the heavy leanings to leadership in American politics.

    While I agree that obviously a leader of a party or nation must exhibit strong leadership qualities – and we can learn from those and apply them to the corporate world; I was hoping for a more balanced selection about leaders in a corporate or even a family setting; as opposed to only political leadership.

    As Glen said, perhaps it is because I am from Canada (and I do watch your politcal leadership race with a lot of interest), but I hope this site becomes more balanced with basic leadership ideas that we can use in a corporate perspective.

  18. Ken,

    I thnak God for the many gifts that He has deposited in you. Especially the gifts of love, servanthood, wisdom and visionary. My prayer is that He will extend your years, and that you will always be guided by Him in the use of your gifts. May he contiue to be your guiding light, and may His protection be always with you, your family and businesses. May you always be that light and river that others can drink from.

  19. Thanks for opening this conversation. There has been so little true leadership in the public arena these days. Even those who a trying hard are shouted down with adversarial blame, judgment and make wrong. We all have to live in this one world together and it is about time we learned how to have true conversations. I look forward to this continuing exploration of leadership that sources a world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left out.

  20. Ken,
    I believe that your efforts on this critical subject are crucial at this time in our history. If we don’t begin regaining control of our processes in this country, we will continue to be nothing more than puppets controlled by the politicians, media and wealthy, (could they really all be the same). God has entrusted us with this world, has given us minds to think and has given us the time and energy to act on what is important to each of us. Thank you for being a man of action and responsibility and giving us another avenue to vet our views.

  21. Thank you Mr. Blanchard,

    I will reference this site often.

    I agree there is a leadership crisis; I believe leaders can be misguided by the vox populi and succumb to the pressure of pleasing others – we live in a culture of counting “Likes” and a place where polls are more revered than actual constituents. A great leader would see through that, but many good leaders trip over their egos on the way to greatness. That’s what makes this site so helpful. Regardless of the great change that is taking place all around us, or the coming of the Millennials, it all boils down to harnessing and living through the basic concepts of great leadership – the SERVE model is spot on. The hard part is sticking to those values and principles when the road is not as smooth. Your skill in defining and outlining these concepts have always been phenomenal.

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