There Is No Hall of Fame For Critics

A great comment I heard recently from our consultant, Tommy Moore, was: “There is no hall of fame for critics,”  Ha! I just love that. A lot of times, people are really good at taking shots at what other people are doing. That’s not really very helpful. Redirection is so much different than criticism:  Here’s something that has happened, here’s how it has impacted things, here’s what would really help next time, and I’m still excited about working with you.  That’s really kind of a nice thing.  But we also have to remember, if you do ever get criticism, that feedback is the breakfast of champions, as Rick Tate always used to say.  The best response to any kind of criticism, if you get it, is:  “Tell me more. Is there anyone else I should talk to? Oh, this is so helpful.”  That will really blow people’s minds because you won’t be defensive or anything. You won’t get your ego in the way.  Don’t criticize yourself or other people. Give ‘em a hug. That’s what they could really use.

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