Choose to be Happy

I found a wonderful quote about how doing well is a decision you make. It’s from Abraham Lincoln: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  That’s really true. So you can choose how you are going to feel on any given day. So I hope today you choose to be happy. It seems to be a beautiful day and life is a very special occasion. So go for it.

5 thoughts on “Choose to be Happy

  1. It’s has to be a fundamental objective but no one can be happy under extreme conditions like extreme disease, highly inethical colleagues, very corrupt boss are some of the examples. In general good advice, however.

  2. Mr. Blanchard, I know you play golf in Naples, FL on occasion where I live since moving from O.C. Do you know a Christian Community here? Thanks.

  3. Great post. Though I find it really difficult to always stay positive or happy. Some people manage it, even in times of great stress like financial pressures. I admire these people and will try as A. Lincoln says to remember that we can choose how happy we wish to be. Thx

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