Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

You know you’ve heard me talk a number of times about “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” This is a saying that Rick Tate, who used to be a consulting partner with our company, often said. People in sales constantly get feedback. They know how well they are doing by whether it’s a “yes” or a “no.”  Other people with different jobs don’t get feedback as much as they want. That’s why it’s so important for us to reach out and thank people—particularly people who are in jobs where they can’t always count what they do in terms of numbers or anything like that. Because it really does feel good. I remember as a young man, cutting the grass—that was always a great pleasure—and then sitting up on the porch, sipping a beer and looking out to see what I had done. That’s immediate feedback.

So life is a special occasion, but it’s also nice to have something to do once in a while where you get feedback on results. So continue today to reach out and thank other people for the work they do—give them some feedback so they can feel good. Remember, people who feel good about themselves produce good results, as well as people who produce good results feel good about themselves. It’s all based on feedback.

4 thoughts on “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

  1. Ken,

    Your blog, facebook have been excellent for me. Reading these often helps me remember what you taught me before from your programs, and introduces new thought. Thank you so much for these “tools”. Please keep the posts coming.

    Feedback to others — so important, so needed, so overlooked (at least by me).

  2. What about constructive feedback? As a teacher my students wanted and expected it. They would not accept not knowing how they did on a test or assignment. Most adults cannot accept it. I cannot take the educator out of me and often give positive and constructive feedback. The constructive ones, even done very tactfully have often gotten me into trouble.

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