Nature’s Beauty

Have you seen the moon recently? It was absolutely incredible. And last night when the sun was about to set, we went out on the deck and watched the sun set. It was just unbelievable. I was just struck by all the fabulous things that are free—Looking at the moon at night, a sunset, going over to the beach and sitting and watching the waves, or sitting down and enjoying the view of the mountains and hills, or walking through the woods and enjoying the flowers. Hearing the cry of a newborn baby—just wonderful, wonderful things that really are free.

Rabbi Kushner, who wrote When Bad Things Happen to Good People, wrote a wonderful book called Why God? In that book he tells about, when the first astronaut went up, everybody in the country had their TV on and was watching. And when the second astronaut went up, you watched if you were home but you didn’t if you weren’t. And with the third, they had him play golf on the moon for anybody to pay attention. He said that we get tired of things made by man, but we never get tired of a babbling brook, a sunset, or those kinds of things. So next weekend, no matter what’s happening around you, you can always take a walk and look at the beauty of nature, and know that things are all right in that realm and they are free for all of us.

3 thoughts on “Nature’s Beauty

  1. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed a mid afternoon mind break thinking about this weekend’s moon. I, too, found myself admiring the moon all weekend with my children (ages 4 and 5)and wondering if everyone saw the same intriguing orange moon we did over the lake in Upstate SC. My daughter even commented how busy TinkerBell must have been painting that moon! (this in response to the magic I teach to my kids that TinkerBell paints a sunset each day and that crazy Captain Hook stirs up a rainstorm).

    You see, I am learning to value the beauty of nature all over again through my children’s eyes. We always stop to smell the flowers, watch a butterfly glide gracefully by or listen to the crickets chirp on a humid summer evening. Thanks for sharing with all of us that you do too!

  2. Amazing post. I love star-gazing and can spend hours doing that but never thought about it like that. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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