Lean Into Life

I was fortunate enough to see Betsy Myers deliver a keynote recently. Betsy said a really interesting thing that I think is worth sharing with you all. She said that some people start from a place of “yes” and the result they get is adventure. Some people start from a place of “no” and the result they attain is safety. She said that there seem to be more naysayers in the world than “yes”-sayers. She has this wonderful concept about leaning into life—you know, really going after your life. She was telling this audience of government workers how, if you’re bored, if you’re not having any fun, if you’re not passionate about what you are doing, then change your job. Find something that brings out the best in you. Find something that makes you passionate about things. I thought that was really good. I love that idea about leaning into life. What are you doing today? Are you passionate? Are you excited about what you’re doing? If you’re not, let’s see if you can find another spot where you can get excited and passionate. Life is a very special occasion and you don’t get a lot out of it if you back off of life. You get a lot if you lean into it. So take care of yourself. Have a great day. And remember, we need all support and encouragement.

5 thoughts on “Lean Into Life

  1. Life is all about what we make it! We are the one’s in charge of ourselves. As they say, if you are bored, you are probably bored with yourself. Go experience something new, fresh and bold!

  2. Your positive leadership must be contagious. But you also must be empathetic to the “nay-sayers”. Remember they are looking for safety because they are “in fear”. It’s your job to give them a “safe” place to explore. Sometimes they simply need to chat through it. This literally happened to me in a not-for-profit setting earlier this week. One of our team members was so negative—I finally asked “what’s the worst that can happen?” “what do you fear?” The question shocked her so, she realized she had been coming from a “no” place. The rest of the team let out a joint sigh of relief. These moments remind me that not everyone is a natural “yes-sayer”. I need to help them along!

  3. True but leaders encounter all types of approaches and must find ways to bring all styles together. Some people aren’t “bold”…do we leave them behind? Of course not!

  4. I am looking to lean into life everyday. I relocated to a southern state from the safety of my northeast background and am looking for my next career. It has been quite difficult to find work and I would like to share my professional experiences as a past school admin. with people who are positive in nature.

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