Leadership is Not About You

As a leader, you should never start thinking that leadership is all about you. When things go well, a great leader doesn’t look in the mirror and pound himself or herself on the chest and say, “Aren’t I fabulous?”  A great leader looks out the window and gives other people the credit. Get your ego out of the way and remember that leadership is about people who work with you, not for you.  People want a leader who cares about them and wants to help them achieve their goals so they can be magnificent.  So don’t get overimpressed by yourself as a leader. The fact of the matter is this: You are nothing without your people.

3 thoughts on “Leadership is Not About You

  1. I think the “with” is the really important point here. The “leader” needs to communicate the goals and objectives, where possible organise a conducive environment for motivation, and clearly establish roles and responsibilities. With the latter, everyone, including the leader, perfectly understands where they fit into the whole of the team’s delivery and can participate accordingly. Everyone has a role in the success of a team/venture.

  2. Interesting….What you say is strangely both right and wrong… a true dichotomy….leadership is almost 100% about personal development and growth… eradicating ego is essential to that growth. however, the pathway is development of self awareness…. one must grow through reflection on the actions and the results… this is the private victory that Cover described… in many ways leadership is all about ‘you’


  3. Ken – I have been a follower of yours for years and love this post. One question I put in the toolbox of leaders to help them put this into action is making a habit out of asking their people “What do you need?”. Thanks for sharing.

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