One thought on “Here is another interesting article… who do you think can lead during a time of ‘daunting’ Challenges?

  1. The next president has a big to-do list: Lead a nation that is at war in two countries, eliminate or make a big dent in the federal budget deficit, avert the collapse of the financial system and manage the tsunami of entitlement obligations owed to retiring baby boomers.

    Wharton professor Mike Useem discusses the qualities of effective presidential leadershipDavid Gergen — political commentator, advisor to four presidents and current director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government — told a Wharton audience this summer that “the challenges facing the next president will be the most daunting facing any president of our lifetime. There have been immense problems building up for a long time and crying out for solutions, and time is not on our side.” Since then, with the collapse of several financial institutions that provide the underpinnings of the global economy, the challenges have become even greater.

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