One thought on “Economic anxiety in the workplace

  1. Let me share some interesting findings from my friend Elliott Masie: Results of Economic Anxiety at the Workplace Poll: How much Economic Anxiety is in the Workplace? Over 1,444 learning professionals responded to our poll in the past 72 hours. Here are the “flash” results:

    a) What is the level of Economic Anxiety in Your Workplace?

    Severe and High Anxiety in the Workplace: 29%
    Some Anxiety in the Workplace: 56%
    Low or No Anxiety in the Workplace: 15%

    b) What, if any, actions has your organization’s leadership taken to respond to the Economic Anxiety in the Workplace:

    * Briefings by leadership on organization’s economic health: 21%
    * Briefings by leadership on the economic crisis: 13%
    * Manager conversations with employees on economic anxiety: 13%
    * Workshops/Briefings on dealing with 401 K management: 7%
    * No actions as of today: 46%

    See more responses at

    Are you seeing anxiety in your workplace?

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