5 Keys to Connecting With Your People

bigstock-Different-46099117I was talking with some friends at a recent morning men’s group. Our focus was on the importance of being connected to other people and what it means. We came up with five things we think help you really get connected to others—at work, and in all aspects of life. How would you rate yourself in these five areas?

  1. Listen more than you speak.  We talked about listening a lot. If God wanted you to speak more than listen, he would have given you two mouths!
  2. Praise other people’s efforts.  This one has always been so important to me. Catch people doing things right.  That really helps you get connected with people.
  3. Show interest in others.  It’s not all about you. Find out about people and their families and learn about what’s happening in their lives.
  4. Be willing to share about yourself.  In our book Lead with LUV, my coauthor and former Southwest Airlines president Colleen Barrett said that people admire your skills but they really love your vulnerability. Are you willing to share about yourself?  I think being vulnerable with people is really important.
  5. Ask for input from others—ask people to help you.  People really feel connected if they can be of help to you.

As a leader, there are many skills you need to develop but building relationships is the most important thing.  What can you do this week to listen more, praise other people’s efforts more, show interest in others, share about yourself and ask for input?  Give it a try.  You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in your ability to connect with others!

10 thoughts on “5 Keys to Connecting With Your People

  1. Great tips Ken. I must say I have found the listening one something that I’ve had to practice. I think we’re so conditioned to think about what we’re saying that we have the habit of not listening to others.

    I had a boss once who had the word “Listen” written in big letters in the folder he took to meetings.

    That showed me I wasn’t the only one who needed to practice!

  2. The simplest things are often those we overlook, don’t consider . . . thanks for the reminder – need to remember how important it is to stay connected to my team.

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  4. Direct and to the point yet so hard for so many to actually do. Its so important to keep reiterating this until it becomes habit….a good habit! Thanks Ken.

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