Live Life in the Present

Have you ever noticed how you can look forward to something for so long, and then all of a sudden it’s upon you, and then it’s gone? I think that should teach us that life is to be lived one day at a time, and in the present. My friend Spencer Johnson had a great message years ago in his book The Precious Present. He said that we need to learn from the past, but not live there. Plan the future, but don’t live there. Because we are at our happiest when we’re living life in the present – one day at a time. So if you look forward to something for a long time, and then it’s gone, now you’re back to your regular life – what are you going to do about that? It’s interesting and powerful to recognize that life should be lived in the present. Time flies. We’re here for such a short period of time. So enjoy every single day. And reach out and tell someone you love them and you care about them, because when all is said and done, as I’ve said many times, the only thing that counts is who you love and who loves you.

12 thoughts on “Live Life in the Present

  1. Ken,

    I looked towards being grown up for so long because that would mean I could make choices for change in my life. Now at 42 I look back and think that bad choices were made for me as a child, but I also continued to make them for myself as an adult.

    I am in school now trying to change my career and I have stopped the drinking and drugging that allowed me to travel down the path of destruction. I have some hope in my life again.

    Thanks for your wise words ken

  2. How true and on point this is. Difficult at times to stay focused on living in the present, however the effort is well worth the rewards.

  3. I just finishing reading “Gung Ho” and I feel that what is being told in this blog is displayed throughout the book. The way Spencer Johnson’s book tells us that we should learn from the past is very similar to Gung Ho. I feel that it is very necessary to learn from the past, but don’t let planning for your future take over you. The Spirit of the Squirrel, Way of the Beaver, and the Gift of the Goose are great ideas and I feel everyone can learn from them.

  4. This blog is very inspiring. Everyone should live from this philosophy; pertaining to the book “Gung Ho” there is sufficient evidence that is placed in it by the main characters. As Ashley has said “The Spirit of the Squirrel, Way of the Beaver, and The Gift of the Goose” each step is time consuming and requires its own long term goal. But in the end each step is taken for it’s worth and practiced during present moments.

  5. Our class just finished reading the book “Gung Ho” and this post reminds me of a few things I read. Gift of the Goose, Spirit of the Squirrel, and Way of the Beaver are concepts in the book that relate to this. You have to learn from your mistakes, but do not harp on them. You just have to make changes based on what you have seen in life, or in the book’s case, the business. Learning from the past, and living in the past, are two very different ideas. What a successful person would do is learn from it to make the future better as in the book “Gung Ho.”

  6. I definitely agree with living in the present and take everything just one day at a time.

    There are always going to be high expectations and sometimes when you don’t live up to them, it discourages you to the point where you question yourself about ever setting that goal/expectation.

    I also read a book titled, “Gung Ho,” and it relates to this blog in many ways. It talks about staying positive, confident, and to not let things take over who you are. To me, these are very helpful tips that many people should follow.

  7. This blog reminds me of the book I just finished reading called “Gung Ho.” In the book, people who run the business are learning from their past mistakes in running the company, and working on them to make the business successful in the future. Much like this blog, you cannot live in those mistakes though, you have to learn from the past and just continue moving forward, move on. That is the only way you can ever fix your mistakes, but learning is way better and more effective then living in the past and feeling bad about it.

  8. In the story of Gung Ho! Andy Longclaw and Peggy Sinclair had to save Walton Works #2, and to do that they had to live in the present cause the time was short until the plant was closed.Peggy Sinclair had to live day by day learning the ways of the Squirrel, Beaver and the Goose. The problem is that she had to learn them in a specific order and time. So Andy had to teach her a Partial Gung Ho!

  9. Life is about living in the present because always worrying about the future will erase it. The future will pass by with you still looking forward. In the book “Gung Ho” Andy must make the decision to worry about getting in trouble for making up a city award or to live in the present and save the jobs and livelihoods of over 1,500 people. Andy doesnt worry about what will happen. He knows at the momnet there is only one choice. I can see how in different situations planning for the future is a necessity but most seem to forget the future depends on and is right now.

  10. I just finished reading Gung Ho and I agree that it is imperative to focus on the “now” rather than what has already been, or has yet to occur. Living a life of anticipation or regret is not living a life at all, it’s simply wasting time and energy on persons, places, or things that do not even exist yet or no longer exist. It may be harsh to say it’s pathetic, but that is how I see individuals that fail to recognize the beauty of this moment, as opposed to romanticizing the past or future. By addressing today, your priorities, time, and goals will sink into place and pace you for long-term satisfaction and success.

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