How to Deal with Problems

This morning I was listening to Tony Robbins. I went and got a tape of Tony after being with him recently. He was saying a lot of people acquaint happiness with having no problems. He says that’s crazy. It reminded me of one of Norman Vincent Peale’s favorite stories. Norman was walking down the street in New York City when he ran into a friend of his and said, “How are you doing?”  Norman thought it was just a casual greeting, but the guy took it as an invitation and he lay down all of his problems at Norman’s feet. After about twenty minutes, he was finished and he said, “Norman, if you can solve all of my problems, I’ll give you a check for $5,000 to give to your favorite charity.” Norman said that he had never turned down such a challenge, so he ruminated and he cogitated and he agitated and he came up with a solution. He said, “I was just at an organization the other day where people have no problems. Would you like to go there?” And his friend said, “That’s exactly where I want be.” And Norman said, “I’ll take you there tomorrow. It’s called Woodlawn Cemetery. The only people I know who have no problems are dead.”  Problems are a way of life, so if you equate your happiness to not having any problems, you’re going to be naïve for the rest of your life. Happy people know how to deal with problems. They don’t get bogged down with problems. They solve problems. They work on problems. But they don’t let problems take over their life. You know, sometimes you put a problem on your back and it drags you down. What you have to do is to say, “How do I solve this?”  Happiness and problems go together. So as Tony said, it’s your attitude—it’s what you bring to a problem—that can result in a positive solution, So if you have any problems today, great! You’ll probably have a happier day.

4 thoughts on “How to Deal with Problems

  1. I loved it, i was not aware of this story and it is the simple truth of life…
    and i will quote, a part of the movie “Pursuit of HappYness” with Will Smith, from the part that he was praying in the Church…
    “Lord, don’t move that mountain , give me strength to climb it”.

    Us=The Hikers

  2. Allright! Bring on the problems. =) They stretch you if you let them. They make you stronger. They make you appreciative.

    God, what would you like for me to learn from this?

  3. “Problems or challenges are God’s gift to us to bring honor to His name. What we do with them is our gift to Him.” – Mark Batterson, “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”

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