Every Ending Has A New Beginning

I’ll never forget when, right after my dad died, I took my mom up to Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power. They watched that all the time in Florida and that was their favorite Sunday activity, watching the Hour of Power with Reverend Schuller. She had never been up there and this was the last service in the old chapel. Halfway through the service, everybody got up and walked into the new Crystal Cathedral, which is just absolutely beautiful. And the sermon from Reverend Schuller that day was “Every Ending has a New Beginning,” which is a wonderful thought. So as the next season or the next year ends for us and other people, we have new beginnings.

It was also amazing thinking about visualization. I was sitting there with my mom, and it’s a magnificent place, and I leaned over and I said, “Someday I’m going to be up there with Reverend Schuller.” And this was 1979. And my mom said, “How are you going to do that?” and I said, “I don’t know.” And then when The One Minute Manager came out in 1982, the next year, there I was up there with Reverend Schuller and my mom was out there in the cathedral, watching.  So life is a very special occasion. I visualize a wonderful fall for all of us.

One thought on “Every Ending Has A New Beginning

  1. This is a great note, Ken – thank you for sharing it.

    I think our greatest fear and worry that comes from “endings” is that many see the ending as “final” and with finality comes sadness, worry or despair that there is nothing but darkness on the other end. The thought of darkness provides for a bleak outlook – who wouldn’t be afraid of that?

    Accepting that an ending is necessary for a new beginning requires trust, faith and courage. How many people who feared an ending looked back on their life with gratitude, recognizing that their current situation would not have been possible if the old one had not ended in some way.

    Practically anything in life that grows grows from the ending of something else. This is a natural way of the Universe. 🙂

    Thank you for a great sharing, Ken.

    In gratitude for your insight and sharing.


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