Understand Your Past

We recently offered a workshop at our company called “The Business of You,” that my friend Paul Brenner, who is an MBA and a Ph.D., was conducting with Bob Petrello, a longtime colleague of his. Their belief is that if you are self-aware, if you really understand yourself and your past, your needs, and your strengths and weaknesses, then that’s the beginning of being an effective human being. Then you add relationship awareness, which is about understanding the people around you and what makes them tick. Those are the two key things. Then, if you would really like to accomplish something, how do you do it with other people and get their commitment? It’s being relationally aware of them, and if you can do that, and you can get results. It’s so consistent with what we have been saying, which is that great leadership starts with understanding of self. I think it’s just a fascinating thing.

3 thoughts on “Understand Your Past

  1. Yes…in fact, I have a dog-eared piece of paper that I’ve carried around for years. It’s from an old article (if anyone can reference it, please do!) It identifies the must-have characteristics for positive leaders: 1) self-awareness 2)self-regulation 3) ability to motivate 4) social skills and the big number 5) empathy. I always have within my site line. And, I’ve been incorporating into my mentoring.

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