One Thing at a Time

I really like my friend B. J. Gallagher’s little book called Staying the Course.  B. J. says, “Our journey in life is about progress, not perfection.”  (Boy, isn’t that true.) “It’s not about doing one thing 100 percent better, it’s about doing a number of things one percent better each day. Progress is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Most days we measure our progress in inches, not miles.”  (That’s feedback, that’s the breakfast of champions!)  “What matters most is showing up for your life, whether you feel like it or not. Ask yourself, ‘What two or three things can I do today that would move me forward?’”  (That’s a very good question—what could you do?)  “You’d be amazed at how much distance you could cover by taking it in increments. The little things add up. The inches turn to miles and we string together our efforts like so many pearls. Before long, look what you have—a whole strand.  Ahhh—beautiful!”   So, what can you do today to keep going?  To keep making a difference for your customers and for each other?  Remember, things are about progress. One thing at a time. One small step can change your life. So take that step today.

6 thoughts on “One Thing at a Time

  1. Hi Ken – I work with Laurie Joslin and she shared your blog today. It was a great thought to begin the week! So many times, I seem to get overwhelmed with my goals. This helped me put my long term goals into perspective — and reminded me that life only comes one day at a time. I need to focus on what steps I can take today — right now — to move me forward. It also helps to reflect at the end of the day… to look back and remember that a day completed has moved me forward in my life. What a great thought to have before rest! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us all!

  2. So true Ken – I remember seeing you speak in Atlanta months ago at a conference at a local church. You were limping badly and your wonderful parter and wife spoke beautifully of your regrouping life from the CA fires. There’s no doubt that those days must have felt like progress one step at a time. We have to be patient and present to our journey. Thanks for being a solid voice out there for all of us.

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