Grand Canyon University

I was recently at Grand Canyon University in a strategic planning meeting with several different organizations, as this university moves forward in their drive to be excellent both online and on their campus. One of the things I learned is that within the year, all the online students at GCU will not have any textbooks they have to hold in their hands—all of their books will be available online. They’re contacting all the textbook companies and doing this. There are so many interesting changes because of technology happening, and how you offer information and what you do with it and all. It’s so great to have a university working with a publishing company and publishing their own materials and having access to students in ways we never even thought about. I remember the first computer when I was growing up was the calculator, and that was a big deal. Then when I was a doctoral student, we finally got a mainline IBM computer that was two stories high with cards you had to punch to put your data in. And now, I can’t even pronounce all these things—you can Twitter, and you can doddle, and you can dabble—ha! And you can find out everything online. I mean, the kids going to school now, when they write their papers they don’t go to an encyclopedia, they go online and chat and talk with each other. So we need to get up to speed with all this technology. So if you’re an “old fogey” mentality like me, forget it! You have to get with it! Change is upon us—change is with us. Life is a very special occasion—it just never happens to stay the same. So have a great day and have fun learning in all kinds of new ways.

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  1. Ken,

    Thank you for the info about this forward-moving university.

    Coincidentally, John Diebold died and the notice I read today. He had a great business career, but the article pointed out that early in his career (the 50’s), he was fired three times for insisting that business clients of his employer needed to computerize. He most certainly was a prophet of the age of computerization in business and in so much of our personal lives.

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