Each One Help One

You know, in these tough economic times, I’ve been thinking about what’s the best financial advice I’ve heard.  I was once talking with the great financial advisor Sir John Templeton. Somebody asked him about the best financial advice he had ever given anybody, and he said, “Tithing.” He said, “I’ve never known anybody who has tithed (given away) at least ten percent of their income to good causes who didn’t have it coming back tenfold. Just reaching out and helping others brings that energy back to you.” And I firmly believe that. Templeton said, “Don’t wait until you have a lot of money. Reach out and help somebody now.”  I think we all know people who are hurting, and maybe you could do something special for them—maybe even pay the rent for them or get them some meals or do something like that. Tithing is not necessarily giving to a church. It’s really the whole process of sharing what you have with others. I know some people are pretty tight at this time financially and all. But you know, my belief is that this is the time—maybe more than ever—to really reach out and see if you can help somebody else. I love the whole concept that we’ve talked about, “Each One Help One.”

2 thoughts on “Each One Help One

  1. Tithing was never commanded to the Church after Calvary. OT tithes were always only food from inside Israel. The whole Law was a test, not merely tithing. Obey ALL to be blessed. Galatians 3:10 ends Malachi 3:10.

    NT giving is sacrificial. That means more than 10% for some and less for others.

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