Sustainable Leadership

You know, there’s a big movement in Europe, and we’re way behind here, on sustainable leadership. The talk there is about people, prosperity, and the planet. When they talk about prosperity they mean of all people, not just financial, but plenty of food and water and a place to sleep and things like that—the importance of people and also of saving the planet.  I think it’s really an important thing for us to take into consideration. We have a partner in Holland who is really doing good work in this area. So sustainable leadership—people, prosperity, and the planet. It all starts with taking a look at yourself. How do you treat people? Do you help people? How do you look at prosperity? How do you treat the planet? It’s an important, wonderful day. So have a great one and remember, life is a very special occasion. Don’t miss it!

I’ve also partnered with 2LEAD4US on a sustainable leadership project.  Find out more details at