It takes all of us to make the CHANGE!


It is interesting to note that the title of Ken’s blog is “How WE lead,” instead of “How THEY lead.” This clearly sends the message that we share a responsibility in leadership.

My name is Francisco Gomez and I am this month’s guest blogger. In previous posts, Ken has mentioned how important is the leadership that the new president and his team will need to exercise for positive change to occur and last, starting with the VISION that he should set for all of us. But once that vision is clear for all, it is our turn to contribute our share, it is our turn to act. President Obama also thinks this way, as can see when he said “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

It is an important responsibility for each of us to realize that the change we want will require that WE act differently as well. We will need to unlearn some things we have adopted as habits, learn new attitudes and behaviors, and relearn some fundamentals that we forgot along the way.

I want to invite you to contribute to this discussion by selecting one change you want to see happen over the next couple of years, and then providing your responses for the following questions:

· What will I need to START DOING to help this change happen?

· What will I need to STOP DOING to help this change happen?

· What will I need to CONTINUE DOING?

To kick off the discussion, one change I would like to see is a new kind of relationship between the United States and the rest of the world, based on what is good for the world at large, not just what is good for America. This means that sometimes we would be willing to do things that are not solely in the best interest of our country, but are desirable for the greater global good.

To help make this change happen, I will:

· Get better informed about the world and the issues different countries face

· Become more tolerant of different points of view

· Accept that we, as a nation, are not immune from making mistakes

· Have renewed faith in our political leadership

· Express my views and participate in the political decision making process

What is one change YOU would like to see? How will you contribute to it? Let’s share our visions and inspire others to do the same.

One thought on “It takes all of us to make the CHANGE!

  1. It is true, we need to see in retrospective and make a reflection on what we are doing right in order to improve our lives and world, it is not only to seek answers from outside leaders but ourselves.

    As well, in this global and intertwined society we have a commitment and responsibility to change the way we see and do things, just to make sure future generations will enjoy this wonderful world.

    Perhaps, it is not an easy task but well worth to attempt it!!!

    Roberto A.

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