7 thoughts on “Tell me about a leader you want to celebrate.

  1. Ken- I want to celebrate you for your selfless service, wisdom & insight into leadership.

    I also want to celbrate the gang, such as Justin Dillon, behind the new movie, ‘Call + Response’.


    They are using their gifts & talents to draw attention & to make a difference with an issue that isn’t too popular currently. The economy gets a lot more attention.

  2. Hi,

    I concur with the above; Ken is a great leader and mentor by virtue of his excellent books. many years ago as a new ‘businessman’, I read the ‘One Minute Manager’ and it changed my life. Since then I have read thousands of management books and keep reading Ken’s lovely volumes…

    Keep up the great work.

  3. I’m sure Ken will be flattered by your comments. (He’s not one to fish for a compliment!) Can you think of community leaders, organizational leaders, good bosses, and people who have made leadership impact in their communities, who may be “unsung heroes”? Maybe this could be a place where they can be recognized and praised for their efforts…

  4. I agree with both stewcarson & Clinton Cain on celebrating Ken’s selfless leadership. I thoroughly enjoy books, training & ‘conversations’ and they have been a great source to me as a corporate and Christian trainer.

    Besides Ken, I would like to celebrate an unsung leader & hero of my country, Raja Petra Kamarudin, a royalty and a devout Muslim. He is not in the Government or Opposition but fights through his blog, Malaysia Today, for the rights of all Malaysians of different races and religion.

    Because of what he is doing he is now under detention without trial for 2 years (renewable indefinitely at the pleasure of our Government).

    I would like to thank him for his sacrifices and for making me proud to be a Malaysian.

  5. His name is Ernie Keith. He was one of the best leaders Ievr worked for. He understood how to cast a vision, inspire, elicit thoughts from others, set stretch goals, measure the right stuff, fight for his people at the risk of his own future. Unfortunately he left the company I was with before I retired. I think he is somewhere in Colorado. He was the one manager I swore I would follow wherever he went, if I were needed.

  6. I had a great leader a few years ago–one that I think about a lot. She celebrated goodness when she saw it and did not dwell on the negative. She let you know you made a mistake and you moved on. I need some advice, maybe a site I could visit for help. My current supervisor is not like the one I described above. I get no positive feedback and any good ideas I’ve had are used without any reflection on me. What about the bad leaders? I love the company I work for, I don’t want to quit, I feel hopeless.

  7. Last night I was watching “Nanny McPhee”, a 2005 film, adapted by Emma Thompson from Christianna Brand´s “Nurse Matilda” books.

    I heard a very nice way to express the work of a leader:

    “When you need me, but do not want me, then I will stay. When you want me, but do not need me, then I have to go.”

    Or, Situational Leadership II terms, to move from Style/Quadrant I (”Leader Decides”) to Style/Quadrant IV (”Direct Report Decides”).

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