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Lead with LUV: Beyond the book

Colleen Barrett was once asked if she was worried that competitors would steal her management ideas—like writing thousands of thank you notes to employees—once they found out about them.  She told them no because the actual magic wasn’t in knowing the concepts, it was doing the work.

Leading with LUV is about identifying, recognizing, and celebrating those people and organizations that are putting the principles of Lead with LUV to work in their companies.  Use this space to recognize the leaders you know who truly care about people, expect the best, and drive high performance in their organizations.

Write your story in the “comment” area below. We LUV hearing how other companies put these same principles to work!

24 thoughts on “Lead with LUV

  1. I can’t wait to read your book. Anthony Robbins posted it on FB and highly recommended it. My husband “leads with luv” not only in our real estate practice but also with our Monavie team. His heart is bigger than his broad shoulders.

  2. Hi Ken, I have had the privilege to meet you. Also to read several of your books. Lead with LUV is a great example. A few years ago, I heard Colleen Barrett speak at a Willow Creek conference. It was one of the high lights of the conference.
    God Bless, Have a Wonderful Birthday celebration, “And many More” John

  3. Like a lot of companies, ours had to make a tough decision during the economic downturn of 2008-2009. Revenue had dropped by almost 20% and it was apparent that we needed to trim costs if we were going to weather the storm.

    One of the areas that had to be addressed was payroll and that is where the tough decision had to be made. Should we resort to layoffs as so many other companies were doing–or was there an alternative?

    We decided to ask everyone to share in the sacrifice by employing a graduated sytem of 5-10% pay reductions across the board with higher paid employees taking a bigger hit on their paychecks.

    The good news is that together we were able to save the company enough money to hang in without any layoffs until the economy recovered. It helped reinforce the “we can do this together” spirit that is a big part of our culture.

  4. My original flight was overbooked. We shuffled off to another airport. Stewardess was awesome. We ended up on a quicker flight and arrived at our destination earlier than we would have. We always fly Southwest. The employees are helpful in the experience is always a pleasure!

  5. I want to recognize Tori Arden. She is so very passionate about every subject and project she works on! She enthusiastically put in 110% no matter when, where, or why! Truly an inspiration to our

  6. Our CEO, Bert Hash Jr., is a perfect example of leading an organization of love. Mr. Hash makes sure that we are not only serving our members financial needs, but their spiritual needs as well. As one of the largest credit unions in Maryland, MECU serves those who live, work, worship, or go to school in Baltimore. “People building people” is a credit union motto, but MECU takes it to a whole new level. Following Mr. Hash’s lead, every employee gives back to the community meeting Baltimore better. Outreach is a trickle-down, feel-good experience that makes MECU a great place to work.

    Casey Quinn
    MECU of Baltimore, Inc.

  7. Bob Collins takes the time to talk with us matter what he’s doing. He’s always telling us he’s here for us!

    Tijuana Benson-Bond
    Newport News Shipbuilding

  8. Paul H. Thompson was one of my professors when I earned my MA in organizational behavior at Brigham Young University. He was an excellent professor, who always engaged the class with relevant discussions and challenges. He was also a wonderful mentor. He wrote an article about mentoring for the Harvard business review. (I believe his co-author was Eugene Dalton.) He was an example of how to be an excellent mentor. He became the chair of our department, the dean of the college, a vice president of BYU, and the president of Weber State. Still, he always took time to mentor students.

    Victoria Laney

  9. I would like to recognize my vice president of HR. Why? Because he saved my life and position by addressing culture issues. He did not allow “delight in evil,” but created a culture of truth. He protected my work and renewed my hope and did not fail me.

    Sue Wehrspenn

  10. I have the best manager/leader! Kevin Hostetter of Auntie Anne’s, Inc. truly embodies the qualities of a servant leader. He listens to me even if I am overly stressed and over-emotional. He appreciates all the work I do, my ideas, suggestions, and opinions. He praises and recognizes everyone on our training team for contributions, our successes, and even our “less than successful” attempts. Most importantly, I know he cares about us as people!

    Sue Tietjen
    Auntie Anne’s, Inc.

  11. I’d like to recognize Martha Lawrence, Jason, Mike, the front desk and everyone in between at The Ken Blanchard Companies. They absolutely embody love as a business value in all that they do. As a vendor, each time I see or talk with them, I feel like the most important person in the world. Heck, they clap and cheer for me when I finish each video take! It’s amazing to realize that you really are being set up to succeed. With love,

    Jeannel King
    Big Picture Solutions

  12. We have all had those difficult times in our experience as leaders. I believe that it is great when you’re VP can call you at home after one of those days and say, “I am here,” and follow-up weeks later with, “I believe in you.” I have that kind of VP in Joan Gelrud, vice president at St. Mary’s Hospital. Thank you Joan for always being there and taking the time to encourage!

    Sharon Main
    St. Mary’s Hospital

  13. I want to share a story about my colleague and friend, Carla Custodio. She is an inspiration to me. She comes to work every day with a good attitude and smile. She works very hard to provide training to our national line of business by leading by example. She cares about each participant in her class to ensure their learning and applying the policies, processes, and tools to be effective. She also has a family that provides tremendous support for her crazy schedule. I always look forward to working with Carla because we make a great team and she was the one who suggested I attend ASTD 2011. Thank you Carla!

    Joyce Santillan
    Kaiser Permanente

  14. I want to recognize our applications team. When a member of our application’s team became ill, the team came to his family helping with food, chores, and support (love.) After some time, he passed away, but they continued to aid his family.

    Todd Whisenant
    Campus Crusade for Christ, Incorporated

  15. I want to recognize the deputy GM of our business development department. Peiling, your love as an elder sister is an inspiration. You are always ready for people, to help people with your sunshine smile. You’re a great leader, great coach, and a great friend. Thank you my friend.

    Kee Ping

  16. I want to recognize my supervisor, my mentor, Tom Hane, a leader in our organization who is walking the talk. He leads us to listen to our employees, make time for them, and to be approachable. In HR we are in the people business and we need to keep that in mind above all else. He is such a great role model. Most supervisors are more focused on money but they don’t get happy employees who are more productive. The money is just a byproduct. Thank you Tom.

    Candy Bloch
    Triumph Fabrications

  17. I want to share a time when I was struggling with not feeling very satisfied with the work I was doing. I was a little hesitant to talk with my manager about it and when I did she said, “thank you.” She shared with her heart and wanted to help me. She said, “More important than the job you do is the person who you are. My commitment is to the person you are.” I felt so much lighter and appreciated that she was my partner in figuring out how to reengage in my work. In that moment her heart spoke first, capturing my loyalty, heart, and mind.

    Lisa Grech
    Disney Store

  18. In this day and age, not everyone makes an impact to other people’s lives. People are too busy–either on conference calls, in person meetings, or catching up on e-mail. I want to recognize my direct manager, Evelyn Shaffer, VP of National Direct Sales for individuals and families. She is tough-minded and tenderhearted. She is not only great at her craft, but she also takes time to have meaningful interactions with her direct reports. I’m getting married next month and despite her hectic schedule, she managed to organize time to celebrate my upcoming nuptials with a few folks at world. That really meant a lot to me!

    Carla Custodio
    Kaiser Permanente

  19. Once upon a time there was a leader named Kevin Hostetter. Kevin’s positive spirit, regular praise, and unwavering support caused his training team to work harder, become creative in keeping costs down, and find ways to make him look good! Opportunities to grow and learn more, such is this a STD conference, just keep this positive cycle of a win-win relationship going. And everyone lived happily ever after!

    Gina Goshert
    Auntie Anne’s Incorporated

  20. George G., Orlando taxi driver extraordinnaire, exemplifies outstanding customer service. He called me yesterday morning at my hotel, recalling that I was flying home from the ASTD conference that day, and inquired if he might be able to assist me with my transportation needs. Not only did he pick me up and deliver me to my destination on time and with a smile, but he texted me to wish me a safe trip, and then again later to confirm I landed safely. It was an extraordinary level of service, and he has earned my loyalty and repeat business should I ever fly through Orlando again!

    Sharon Reed
    Bridgetree, Inc.

  21. I want to recognize Wini. When Wini (a consultant/trainer) is on the road consulting and a client gives her special thanks for the presentation delivery, Wini calls into the office and thanks the instructional designer on creating the content to impact behaviors on the front line. She takes the time to deliver appreciation for the content and design.

    Cathy Thompson
    Customer Service Experts, Inc.

    • Hi Cathy: As a trainer and developer myself – I can appreciate Wini’s thoughtfulness – I take a great deal of time and effort when I develop a training workshop and I am sure the designer in your office appreciates the thanks that Wini provides.

      Bonnie White, Training Consultant
      Manitoba, Canada

  22. There is one special person in the company who leads with love, at work and at home. She treats her reports and colleagues like family. Not only is she known for her professional prowess and ability to connect with her colleagues and clients, she is also known for taking care and comfort of her people. When her team is up early and going on the road, she wakes up early to text them a LUV note, “Thinking of you this early morning, thank you for what you do and have a great trip.” She bakes home-made treats for team meetings and always cares for the person first–the job second. She leads every day with LUV!

    Jill Donnelly
    Customer Service Experts, Inc.

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