Getting Together

The point I want to make today is to cherish and celebrate wonderful times when you can get together with your family and loved ones. And if you can build some traditions like we have built at our lake house, that’s a wonderful thing too, where people always come back for a period of time in the summer. It makes it really special. So cherish it, but also celebrate it and recognize that life is good after you spend time together. Life is good every day if you have the right attitude. Go around and hug people who are important in your life; tell them you love them. Tell them you care about them. Because you know what?  It will make them feel good, and you, too. Because when all is said and done, all we have in life is who we love and who loves us.

2 thoughts on “Getting Together

  1. Two thumbs up on this and it is so simple and easy to do. Not a lot of money, which is tight now, just quality time.

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