The Meaning of Life

Laura Berman Fortgang, a friend of my son Scott and his wife Madeleine, wrote a book recently called The Little Book of Meaning that really made me think.  I think it’s really an interesting topic, because I think one of the gnawing questions people have is: What’s the meaning of life? What’s our reason for being here? I think it’s so important that we not just go through the motions in life. You know—you come to work, you do your job, you go home, you do this and you do that. Where do you make the difference? What is meaning for you? In my opinion, it’s all tied into relationships—relationships with yourself, with others, and with something greater than yourself.  And I think we can create meaning for ourselves. We can create it by the attitudes we bring and the desire to have meaning in our life. If you feel like you’re getting hum-drummy about life, step back and quiet yourself and say, “Why am I doing this? What is the meaning of this? Why am I here?” Just raising these questions will enlighten you and lift you up to a different level.  So keep asking the questions around meaning—because we all have a real purpose. Don’t forget it.

2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life

  1. The meaning of life for me is rooted in love. Learning how love with unconditional love, being motivated to do the right things, the hard things, because of a love that is bigger than myself. For me, that is the love of God…for Him and from Him, to pass on to others. As a leader, I believe it is the most significant thing I can do.

  2. Ken,
    I stumbled upon your blog post about meaning today and was so touched and surprised to see that you were moved to share your thoughts on meaning after reading the book. Thank you for sharing it with others and letting me know it did its job. My only wish was that it made people think! So there.
    All best,

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