One thought on “Taking the Good with the Bad

  1. Monday the market rallied, which I think is great. But I have some friends whose self worth goes up and down every day depending on what happens in the market. Their life is up and down. Spencer Johnson is working on a book called Peaks and Valleys and he’s sending me some of the thoughts he has had. Here are some really deep things: The big four learnings he hopes people get from his book:

    “First, see what is real. Avoid thinking things are better than they are when you are on a peak, or worse than they are when you are in a valley. Make a friend of reality.” I think we have to look at where we are and what this really means for us in a realistic way.

    “To stay on a peak longer, appreciate and manage your good times. Be grateful. Keep making things better. Though it is temporary—save resources for the up-and-coming valleys.” I think we ought to all practice giving ten percent of what we make away, saving ten percent, and learning to live on eighty percent. Or, doing something so that we have a little stored away for tough times.

    The next one is “To get out of a valley sooner, find and use the good hidden in a bad time. Uncover the good that is often hidden in a bad time, like buried treasure, and use it for your advantage.” I think that all of us need to look at what we can bring positive out of this time that we’re all going through. What can we learn? What is the hidden gem in there for all of us? That’s for sure. And finally:

    “To get to your next peak, create and truly follow your sensible vision. See a better future that makes sense in such achievable detail that you enjoy doing what makes it happen.” What that really means is to see where you’re going. Get a real sense of where you’d like to be in a realistic way, with detail about where you would like to be at the end of this year, and in five years, and all those things. All kinds of wonderful future planning.

    Then he has a final thing. He says, “To become more peaceful and successful, enjoy more peaks and fewer valleys. Use what you have discovered.” So, let’s all learn from this and let’s hope this election gets over soon so we can get on with life. So take care of yourselves. Life is a very special occasion. We want to keep on remembering that, during peaks and in valleys.

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